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Testimonial #27

Hi all,Just a quick update about #4 from Ginger/CHewy named Ellie.We have had her nearly 4 weeks now and are getting used to being full time dog owners. She will have been to 2 vet appointments and a groomer. She is growing so fast and is a dream to walk and play with. She has bonded mostly to me since I am home with her and one of her favorite things to do is climb all over and mouth the neighbor’s standard golden doodle. She pulls me over there even when he isn’t out!She is doing great in the crate and out of it when I can supervise. We “fenced” in an area in the backyard that is great for tossing balls, etc. where she gets lots of exercise. She definitely gets a lot of walking.She will attend her first Puppy Kindergarten class this weekend, and LOVED the “puppy social” last Sunday evening. There were about 20 puppies ranging from 10-20 weeks. You pay $5 and they have a BALL!! SHe crashed under the kitchen table as soon as we got home. She is pottying right on cue, and is a sweet, gentle little girl.Thanks for caring for her so well in her formative weeks, and for providing such wonderful family pets.Lori P.

Testimonial #28

Here’s puppy Pele – He’s a great puppy, I LOVE that he’s content to just hang out in the yard with our family….and he lays on my feet while I’m working to keep them warm. Heather S

Testimonial #29:

Hello Angie & Dennis We wanted to give you an update on Bogey (son of Morgan & Chewy). He is now almost 6 months (next Wednesday) and weighs 21 lbs. He has been so much fun to have in our lives. The potty training was pretty easy (even with us working). Bogey has just a great temper and is very sweet natured. We receive so many compliments that he looks like a little teddy bear. He is the type of dog that enjoys being around others, but is also content being alone. There are times when my husband and I are sitting/lying on the couch and he jumps up to cuddle with us. After about 10-15 minutes, he jumps back down and finds his place either by the fireplace, front door, or on his bed. Of course, that will last about 10-15 minutes and then he joins us again. We had given him the name “Bogey” because we both love golf. When we were watching golf last weekend, he sat in front of the TV and was watching the golf ball. Then he would put his paws up on the table to try to get the golf ball. I guess we picked the perfect name for him. Please feel free to use as a reference. Have a great weekend.Swapna & Piyush D, NJ

Testimonial #30

I just want you to know that we love Nellie and she’s doing great. She made the 5 hour drive home amazingly well. The smart little girl even whined when she needed to stop and “go”. She’s adjusted to sleeping in her crate (in Lindsey’s room so Lindsey can hear when she needs to get out during the night, only once last night).

Everywhere we go, she’s a little rock star, getting TONS of attention for being the cutest dog ever:) She seems really well socialized-thanks !!. She is learning her name, the commands and sit. As my sister said, “why would anyone get an ugly dog, when they could get a Nellie?” And I haven’t had any allergy problems!

We agree that she’s the perfect addition to our family, thank you so much!

Kathy P

*** Nellie is one of Morgan and Chewy’s girls***angie

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