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Testimonial #37

Angie and crew,

Just wanted to give you guys a quick shout-out and let you know that everything here in South Dakota is still as good as it was 3 years ago when we brought Tanner home.  Like I have told you before, he is actually a part of the family and does about everything there is to do with us and the boys!  Mike and Tom HAVE  to take him outside with them when they go, or he sits at the front window and literally whines to go outside with them.  We also race every weekend in the summer and he goes to the track with us every time.  Everyone at the track knows him by name and he is welcome in any/all trailers.  He also spends a lot of time with Grandpa now that he is retired.  Granmpa Mike picks him up most mornings and they go running around town, then drops him off after school or when we get home from work.  To say that Tanner has the good life would be an understatement.  Anyway, thanks again for our last member of the family and I hope things are going good out in Indiana for you.

Your friends in South Dakota

Lannie, Gina, Michael and Tommy

Testimonial #38


I just wanted to let you guys know how much we are enjoying Mollie! She is one of Cupcake & Chewy’s puppies born Dec. 4th. She came home with us in January and has brought so much joy to our lives 🙂 She is such a wonderful puppy and we are sooooo happy to have her as a part of our family. Everywhere we go, people adore her and can’t stop commenting on how cute she is. Every vet visit…all of the tech’s have to come out and see her & cuddle with the fuzzball 🙂 She has become a celebrity in our small town. My mother-in-law will come over just so she can walk Mollie. Haha! We are also taking her to puppy classes that start this week and are so excited! Thanks for the wonderful dog baby!!! I’ve attached 2 pics of her. The bottom picture was taken today.

Thanks again for the sweetest puppy!

Nicole & Jon 

Testimonial #39


After the first night and day things are looking good. He is already going into his crate by himself, does not complain when the gate closes, is already doing “sit”.

Plus he and I bonded, because I really appreciated him being so good at night. After having been with his brothers and sisters for all the nights he can remember.

The kids in the street met him and are crazy about him. He was so good and patient with everyone.

We are happy about the choice we made.

Best regards,


Testimonial #40

Dear Dennis and Angie,

Wanted to take a minute to tell you how wonderful our puppy is – she was Ava’s girl C from the recent litter – her name is now “Friday” 🙂

She is so adorable and just the best puppy ever!!!! Yes, she still has some learning to do, but people are just amazed at how well behaved she is for a puppy. When children are around, she is not constantly jumping and nipping, like most puppies – even our vet asked where we got her b/c he thought she was sooooo well socialized (and he shows dogs!) When I explained the environment she came from, including the fact that she was exposed to children, He said “That says it all. Whenever I get a new puppy, I always have all of my grandkids come over to help make our puppy a great dog.” She was not anxiety ridden at all at the vet like every puppy we have had before her – she slept through her shot! The vet tech said one word – “Amazing!” Whatever you all are doing, keep up the good work – it shows!!!!

I will send you some pictures soon – my digital camera is on the blink, but I have taken some with the old trusty 35mm that I have to get developed.

Thank you!!

The Webbs

Testimonial #41

Hi All,Just wanted to let you know that we love our new puppy Bear so much.  He is one of Chewy and Gingers puppies from this summer and he is doing really well.  He is in puppy classes right now and (may I say) is the head of the class socially and intellectually.  I am very pleased.  We have smart dogs (two Shelties and a Papillon) but Bear seems even smarter.  He learns something new with just one or two practices. He fits in with the whole family and we want to thank you for raising such great puppies. Bear is on his way to becoming a therapy dog one day and I think he will be the best.  Attached is a picture of our family.

Thanks again,

The Wrights

Fort Wayne, Indiana

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