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Ollie is such a joy

 Testimonial #42

Hi Angie
Attached are 2 pictures taken on Sept. 6th.

Our little guy Maximus was baby boy #4 from Sandy and Chewy’s F1b doodles. We came to CountryMiniDoodles after meeting Beni. She is one of Sophie and Chewy’s and belongs to Lisa and Josh…..
Anyway, both dogs are amazing…so smart and so sweet. That Chewy has some great genes that he passed along! We are so blessed to have Maximus in our family and can’t thank you enough.
“Daddy Mike” helped us select our Maximus (aka Maxi-Boy) so please share these with him.
It has been one of the most wonderful experiences – dealing with all of you.. We can tell it is a labor of love. We wish you all continued success and hope the guys are doing well (I remember Mike mentioning that there may be some surgery for each of them at the end of the summer)
Best of luck and hope to see our pics in your photo gallery one day!
Judy and Mark

 Testimonial #43

Hi Angie!

I wanted to update you on Ollie!  He is 5 months old today and is the love of my life.  He’s extremely intelligent and mastered sit, shake, high-five, lay down, and come within 2 weeks at home! 🙂  He’s the friendliest dog I have ever been around and has never met a stranger.  He is considered the unofficial mascot of my community because everyone absolutely adores him.  His potty training went very well and he is trained to ring a bell on the door when he needs to go outside..  He has been socialized with other dogs since first coming home and is gentle with children, too.  Ollie makes coming home from work every day such a joy.  Thank you so much for making the adoption process so wonderful and answering my million questions.  I’ve attached some pictures from pick-up day as well as Ollie now 🙂  I know you’ll agree he is the cutest!!

Many, many thanks!

Jenni S.  “Ollie’s Mom” 🙂

 Testimonial #44

These pictures are of Penny, who was girl #5 from Gracie and Chewy’s litter.  We have had her less than a week so far, and she is doing so well!  She is now sleeping through the night already and is making great strides in house breaking.  One of the pictures shows her ringing the bell by our sliding glass door.  We have 3 children and she is so sweet with them all.  She is full of good fun at play time and then is ready to slow down and cuddle when she gets sleepy.  We adore her!!!

 Testimonial #45

Hi Angie,

Just wanted to let you know how great our dog is. He is liked everywhere and by everyone, and I really mean it. He gets along with dogs of every size and temper. They love him at doggie daycares, because he has such a happy-go-lucky attitude, always knows his place, never starts a fight, plays with difficult dogs too. The ultimate goal for him is having fun (and of course, eating). He is smart and easily trainable. By now he is close to 35lbs. He puts a smile on our kids’ faces when he goes to their rooms and wakes them up in the morning. That never happens when I wake them. 🙂 And he makes us all laugh a lot. Like when he walked in from the yard yesterday with leaves of all colors sticking on his fur.

We are so glad we picked this puppy, we couldn’ be happier.�

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