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minigoldendoodle toys

We at Doodle Country Minis, believe Mini Goldendoodles make the best family members!  Like any family member, we don’t want your MiniDoodles missing out on the best gifts this Christmas!

We recently asked our Doodle Country Families on Facebook, to nominate their doodle’s favorite/toughest toys !! These top 10 will  have your doodles barking for joy !!  

**With Black Friday shopping on the horizon, it’s never too early to start shopping ! 

Owner Recommended - Doodle Approved Dog Toys

1. Antlers - tough doodle toy

“They clean my doodle’s teeth clean and are pure protein,” said minidoodle lover Jean on the Doodle Country Facebook post. Antlers are a classic treat choice for your Doodle.

Caroline recommends Maine Moose Antlers as they have wider paddles and are a little softer than deer and elk antlers. After years of chewing, the moose antlers proved easier on Henry’s teeth. We for sure want what’s best for our babies !

2. Tennis Ball

“He doesn’t go anywhere without it,” Ellie said about her Doodle. Simple, bouncy and just fun!  The classic tennis ball is an affordable option for your Doodle. If a classic tennis ball just won’t do for your Doodle, you can always upgrade to a ball equipped with a squeak or a light.  This mini goldendoodle toys are fun and portable.

If you want to keep your Doodle running, try loading up a Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog toy!


3. Crinkit - doodle toy that lasts!

If you’re interested in buying a durable product for your pup, the Crinkit can be a
“chew-saver.” Some of the Crinkits make noise, but all of them are
made with solid FDA-approved rubber shell encasing and provide a long-lasting
crunching doodles love. “They have lasted my pup ten years,” one
doodle lover noted on a Facebook post.


4. Snuggle Plush

Snuggle plushes are the go-to minidoodle toy to help your pup keep calm and carry on.

“Lily has had her snuggle puppy since we brought her home. It’s her absolute favorite, and she will carry it around in her mouth anytime we come home,” said one Doodle Country family. 

Snuggle Puppies help your puppy so much during the first few nights of living in their new home. They come with a lifelike heartbeat, heat packs, and a sense of comfort.

5. Chukit Paraflight

Chuckit is just like it sounds. This ideal frisbee will keep your Doodle flying high for hours!  “Kobe loves his ChuckIt Paraflight! Exclaimed Paola (one of our Doodle Country families).

 The Chuckit floats in water and features a multilayer nylon interior with soft rubber edges and bright colors to keep your Doodle engaged with these great mini goldendoodle toys.

6. Nylabone Power Chew

“It has been a lifesaver when you need to keep her busy,” said one mini Goldendoodle mom on Facebook. Nylabone comes in various textures and sizes to keep your Doodle happy for hours.

These long-lasting chew toys are made of durable nylon to challenge even the most aggressive chewers. Its ridges and nubs help prevent plaque and tartar buildup and combine all your Doodle’s favorite tastes.


7. Lambchop Plush

 Lambchop  is for sure a classic !! It’s a life long friend for most doodles.  Lambchop comes with a squeaker for extra entertainment to keep your Doodle busy. 

8. Ethical Pets Treat Balls

“Obsessed since day one,” responded Roger, “we’ve never actually put treats in them, but regardless, they are his babies.” Whether you’re seeking to keep your Doodle entertained for hours or play fetch outside, the Ethical Pets Treat Balls will love to chase and chew. Ethical Pets even offers a seek-a-treat flip-n-slide puzzle to keep your clever Doodle active.


9. Kong Dog Toys

“We’ve had this for four years,” explained Lisa, as the name indicates, “Kong” is a classic product and is respected in the industry.

The Kong toy can be filled with your treat of choice or utilized to keep your Doodle busy chewing for long periods. It can also be used for fetch when your Doodle needs that extra stretch outside. It’s made in the USA, has all-natural rubber, and helps clean your dogs’ teeth and soothe their gums.

10. Rubber West Play Tug Toy

As the cold weather creeps in this season, what better way to engage in one-on-one playtime with your Doodle than a classic tug of war? The Rubber West Play Tug Toy delights all dogs at any stage of life. It stretches up to twice its length and offers fun for gentle chewers.

Honorable mention mini goldendoodle toys: GoDog Furballz and Spikey Ball

Have Fun Playing Together

Thank you for checking out our list and thank you to everyone that helped us put it together !! We want to ensure your Mini Goldendoodle is happy with plenty of exercise and playtime. This will help to build their confidence and make them feel like they belong in your family. Whether you’re heading outside for a game of fetch or playing games indoors, we hope you enjoy spending time with your furry doodle child!  To join the Doodle Country Facebook Group, Click Here!

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