An Original Country Mini Doodle Farm

Located in Frankfort, Indiana

Some of the Details

We do our best here at Doodle Country Minis to make your adoption process a fun and stress free experience….Once you send a deposit (the deposits are totally refundable for any reason for up to two years after receipt), you’ll go on the waiting list, and then on a litter… Once you get on your litter, you’ll be able to watch the puppies grow each week! We add new pictures of each litter to the photo gallery every Sunday !! You’ll have pictures of your new puppy all the way through to the adoption day !! We hope that this helps the wait for your new puppy go a little faster !! We’re also always here to answer every single question you come up with! That’s what we’re here for !! Each family is allowed 1,000,000 questions 😉 …. so never hesitate !!
The puppy picks then happen on the day that they’re ready to go home 🙂 Families can either come here in person (We love that the most) or we can FaceTime to help them choose and then either fly their puppy home or arrange for delivery by car 🙂
We look forward to hearing from you and helping your family adopt one of our mini goldendoodles !!!
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