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About Doodle Country

Quality, Loving Goldendoodles

We started our small country kennel here in north central Indiana in 2005 with one goal in mind, to provide quality loving family pets to families wanting to add a new member to their home… We’ve always owned golden retrievers, and loved their loving temperament and intelligence, but we saw a need for this type of dog in a smaller, more manageable version – mini goldendoodles.

After researching the miniature golden doodle breed, my husband Dennis and I along with another couple, decided this would be the puppy that would best fit these needs. Combining the golden retriever’s qualities with the non shedding hypo allergenic qualities of the miniature poodle, results in a dog in the small to mid size range in a wide array of colors and coat types. Mini goldendoodles grow up to have great temperaments, are very trainable, with minimal shedding…making them a wonderful, low maintenance pet.

Mike, Dennis and I have worked together at UPS for over 20 years and raised hunting dogs for the past 20 plus years. Already having several golden retrievers between our families, we started the search for two miniature poodles of different colors to be the dads of our mini goldendoodles. The process of finding miniature poodles with the temperaments that we were looking for proved to be harder than what we thought! In the end, we found that raising the miniature poodles from puppies, with our goldens (as if they were goldens) worked out best. Allowing them to run to the barns, explore the many things going on our farms, play in the creeks, sleep in our homes and generally be as big a part of our families as our goldens already were…made them wonderful well adjusted miniature poodles all their own….

After 11 years of Country Mini Doodles providing the best mini goldendoodle puppies and service to our doodle families, we had become a premier breeder of Mini Goldendoodle puppies. Country Mini Doodles had grown to 3 puppy kennel locations. We had our location here in Indiana, Mike and Lisa had their place in Indiana and had built another kennel in Florida and were spending 8 months a year down there. Trying to keep up with all of the puppies at 3 locations became pretty impossible. Our solution was to go back to becoming a smaller kennel again. That’s how Doodle Country was born.

It’s been amazing being smaller… Getting to spend more time with the goldendoodle puppies affords us the opportunity to give the puppies and our new puppy families, lots and lots of time. We can get to know each and every puppy so much better than before. We perform temperament tests on each of the puppies and can better help families choose the right puppy with the right temperament and the right energy level for their homes… It’s all so much fun for us !! Who doesn’t love spending hours a day with puppies !!!!

Dennis and I now have 2 farms… We have our original location here in Indiana… This is where all of the puppies go home from. We’re north of Indy about 45 minutes… 3 hours from Cincinnati… 3 from Louisville and 2.5 from Chicago.. We also have a farm down in the mountains of Tennessee… This farm also has a creek and tons of acres to run on… this is where our dogs love to hang out every chance they can! When they see us packing up the truck, they know what’s up. Our Tennessee farm is near Pall Mall, TN . We will soon start having some “puppy pick days” here too.. We’re super excited about offering this option! This will help with some of our families that live in the southern parts of the US, in that they would more easily be able drive to pick up their puppies and eliminate the need to always ship puppies to those states.

With our kids, our nieces, nephews and extended families, the goldendoodle puppies get lots of love, playtime and socialization. This allows them to be more well adjusted little puppies when they go to their new homes. The goldendoodles also have the opportunity to explore our homes and our properties, interacting with other animals including trips to the barns. This lets them experience life outside in the real world, as opposed to spending their first weeks in a kennel. We also take the puppies on car rides and introduce them to crates while they’re here… This will help you when you crate train once you take your puppy home. All of these experiences make for a well rounded well socialized puppy.

We stand behind our puppies with a 2 year health guarantee. The puppies receive two complete vet visits. The first is when they’re three to five days old. At this appointment, they get examined and their dew claws removed. The second visit is at 6 weeks old and this is when they get their first set of puppy shots and wormed..also their full exam to clear them to go to their new homes.

All of our mini goldendoodles will go home with their own personal puppy pack that includes pictures of the parents, copies of the parent’s registrations, helpful tips for training your puppy including feeding instructions, all of the contact info for us and our veterinarian, and complete medical records.

We strive to include the personal touches to make this an enjoyable experience from the time you first contact us until your new puppy comes to your home. We welcome any and all questions you and your family may have. We understand that adding a dog to your family is a life changing experience. We will be here to help with questions or concerns for the life of your dog. We will do everything we can to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone involved including the most important… that new little puppy!

Our ultimate goal as Mini Goldendoodle breeders is to provide healthy, happy, well socialized family pets. We are located in the midwest in central Indiana. We have shipped our goldendoodles to families all over the United States including Alaska and Puerto Rico! We’ve had families fly in from California and several states on the East Coast to pick up their puppies. We’ve driven to meet families half way or even to their door steps!! When families can’t come to our farm personally on Puppy Pick Day, we will work with them thru pictures and Facetime to help them choose the best puppy for their family.

Once in their new homes, we’ve been so lucky to have so many families send pictures of their mini goldendoodles as they’re grow !!! We love posting those mini goldendoodles on our site for others to see !!

Be sure to contact us with any questions ! We’d love to help you find a new mini goldendoodle puppy for your family !

Call, text or email Dennis and Angie anytime !!
765-605-0737 (Cell)

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